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Reasons To Update Your Commercial Doors

Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Reasons To Update Your Commercial Doors

Have you recently bought a business property and are trying to decide what renovations need to be done? Are you creating a priority list of projects that your facility needs? Here are some reasons why updating your commercial doors should be at the top of your remodeling plans:  Compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA): If your building is an older structure, its doors may not be suitable for people with mobility issues or other physical challenges. However, it can be laborious to attempt to understand the regulations necessary to bring your facility into compliance. For example, ADA requirements do not allow some types of round doorknobs on accessible doors because they can be difficult to maneuver. A consultation with an expert knowledgeable about ADA requirements can help you update your commercial doors so that your business will be able to accommodate anyone that wants access to your premises.  Fire doors: Because of their relative thinness, most standard doors will burn faster than the walls they’re attached to. In addition to the vulnerability they create during a fire, you may want to have fire doors installed so you can comply with local regulations. Many municipalities have passed laws requiring businesses to have fire safe doors in order to provide passive safety protection for the occupants. In addition to having insulated cores that delay burning, fire doors are constructed to resist damage caused by high temperatures. Fire doors that are programmed to close in the event of an alarm or sprinkler deployment and can add an additional layer of safety because they work automatically in a crisis situation.   Sound control: If the former inhabitants of the building had a nail salon, they probably didn’t have any issue with noise and had no need for controlling sound. However, if you’re running a daycare center for pets, you might want to muffle the barks of excited puppies in the play area so they don’t disrupt the sleeping cats in the napping section. If meal time turns into an excited ruckus, make sure that the noise level isn’t so loud that you can’t hear the phone ring. Controlling the sounds in your facility will help you to focus on your business and not be distracted by assorted noises. In addition to installing the proper commercial doors, a professional can also make sure that the door frames have the proper barricades or gaskets so that the sound level in your facility is greatly reduced.  Eye appeal: Your potential clients may judge you by how your entrance looks. If your front commercial door is faded, damaged, or cracked, it could wrongfully convey that the business within is sloppy and worn out. A new door will impress your visitors and add overall appeal to the front facade of your building.  To learn more about commercial doors, contact a company like Callahan Door and...

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Saving Money On Tools For Your DIY Projects

Posted by on May 23, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Saving Money On Tools For Your DIY Projects

Are you about to start a home renovation project? Are you trying to save money on fixing up your house? Here are some ideas to help you stay within your budget: Rent tools instead of purchasing them: Some jobs require a specific tool that you may never use again. Although you may have already considered renting gardening equipment, like a rototiller, you may not know that your local hardware store could have a lot more to offer. You may be able to rent things like a cement mixer, welding supplies for a plumbing job, or even just a saw that you don’t already own. If your favorite hardware store doesn’t offer these types of rentals, check other hardware and building supply stores in the area. Trade tools with your neighbors: If you can’t find a place to rent a tool like a wheelbarrow, don’t be discouraged. Find out if your neighbors will be doing any projects similar to yours in the near future. Instead of each of you buying your own set of tools, divide the list of required tools in half. If you can find three or four neighbors that will be doing the project, you can divide the list into thirds or fourths instead. By doing this, you’ll be able to buy the tools on your list and know that the rest of the tools will be available when you need to use them.  Don’t buy the cheapest tools: When shopping for tools, don’t automatically assume that the one with the lowest price is going to be the best bargain. The lowest priced tools are often made with correspondingly cheaper and less reliable materials. This may be okay for something like a hammer, but cheaper materials in a saw may mean that the blade breaks or wears out after just a few uses. However, you don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive tools you can find, either. Instead of the least expensive tools, consider purchasing the second or third cheapest tools. Tools in this range should be a good compromise between reliability and being budget-friendly. Research resale value: Before purchasing any tools, try to research their resale value in your area. Some brands of tools may sell well, while others sell poorly. For example, if you have one drill that you can buy new for $50 and sell used for $45, that’s going to be a better purchase in the long run than a drill you spend $20 on and can sell for $5. By selling your tools after you’re done with them, it’ll be almost like renting them in the first place. Companies like Bourget Bros Building Materials can provide you with more options for getting the tools you need, whether you rent or buy what you...

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3 Ways To Have A Secure Construction Site

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Construction sites can be very dangerous; every day people are getting hurt at some construction site. On top of that, they can be a tempting target for thieves. All that construction material and the tools can be very expensive, and people can make good money selling scrap metal. There is one simple way to help avoid both of these problems. That is to have a good security plan.  What Should a Plan Include? There are several things that you should make sure to include in any security plan. Some of those things are equipment and others are particular practices.  1. A visitor protocol: People are going to end up coming to your construction site. That can include people like building inspectors, investors, and even the press. In order to make sure that everyone is safe, you should already have a protocol in place. That can include making sure that everyone signs in and out. That way you have a physical record of who is all on your site. It should also include assigning an experienced guide to the visitor. That way the visitor won’t be taken to any place that may be too dangerous.  2. Security cameras: Guards are a good way to keep your site safe at night. The problem is that unless you want to hire a whole lot of guards, it can be hard to get enough coverage in the area. An alternative to that is to use cameras. There are cameras that are unobtrusive and that can access WiFi. Those cameras can be monitored from anywhere, since they can broadcast what they are seeing to any place. The best solution would be to use both guards and cameras. Having someone onsite monitoring what the cameras are seeing will mean that you will get action as soon as possible.   3. A good alarm system: You should make sure that all your gates and buildings have an alarm. It can be difficult to alarm the whole fence, but all the weak points can be. A good alarm system can include more than just a way to notify anyone that there is an intruder; it can also be used for other things. For example, you may be able to arrange for your alarm to have safety alarms. If someone gets hurt, they can push a button to call for help.  Your insurance is already going to be high when you have a working construction site. A good security plan can help keep your site secure and even lower your insurance. Contact Arapahoe County Security Center Inc for more...

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Live On A Dirt Path? Here’s How To Minimize Dust

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Living on a dirt path can have its benefits, but one thing that you might not love is all of the dust. It can cause your car to stay dirty, can cause you to track dirt into your home and can cause other problems, but there are ways that you can help suppress this dust. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to see a difference without having to worry about paving the dirt path that leads to your home. Keep it Damp When your dirt path becomes really dry, it will be more likely to produce dust. Therefore, during particularly dry periods, it’s a good idea to add a little bit of water. You can turn on a sprinkler for a little while, or you can apply a little bit of water with a water hose. You don’t need to add so much to make the dirt path truly wet; instead, focus on adding just enough to slightly dampen the soil. Add Windbreaks Wind blowing over your dirt path can obviously cause dust to fly everywhere. You might not think that there is anything that you can do to control the wind, but adding small windbreaks can be enough to help cut down on the dust problem. For example, you can install an affordable picket fence alongside the dirt path, or you can plant large shrubs or small trees. These additions don’t cost much, but they can help reduce the amount of dust that can fly up from your path. Add a Road Dust Suppression Agent Did you know that there are special products on the market that are designed to help reduce the dust that comes up from paths and dirt roads? You can purchase these products from home improvement stores and other similar retailers, or you can order them online. Basically, these agents typically include ingredients like salt, which is used to soak up some of the moisture from the air and keep the path a little bit moist. This will provide a similar effect to wetting the path yourself, but it will work automatically without the need for you to do anything. Living on a dirt path can be relaxing, and it’s a standard part of country or rural living for many people. However, if the dust that comes from your dirt path is really getting on your nerves, following these three tips can help you reduce the problem. Contact GMCO Corporation for more...

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It’s A Twister! How To Protect Your Home From Tornado Damage

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People who live in a tornado zone for most of their lives generally know how to avoid the damage and destruction these storms can cause. Newcomers to the area or those who just purchased their first home, however, may need a little help when it comes to protecting their home and valuables from these notorious twisters. Here are some things you can do to keep your stuff safe. Use Shutters Homes in hurricane areas usually have real shutters on the windows. These are valuable assets in tornado areas, too. Boarding up your windows is a great way to keep the glass panes intact throughout a dangerous storm. Remove Trees Large trees provide ample shade and other benefits, but they’re also dangerous during a tornado. If wind speeds get too high, tree limbs and even whole trees may come toppling down onto your home and garage. You can hire a professional tree company to remove trees that are close to your home. Secure Your Roof Roof damage is quite common during tornadoes and strong windstorms. You can help protect your home by making sure your roofing is securely attached to your home. Since most roofs are installed with nails, it’s easy for a strong storm to lift them up and off your home. Instead, use special hurricane clips to secure your roof firmly to your walls. Install a Storm Door Make sure your home has storm doors that are rated for tornadic winds. Oftentimes, these are made of steel or other structurally strong materials. You should always have a safe place to go when a storm hits, and a tornado door should be installed at its entrance. These doors may also be installed at the entrance to your home, though, for extra protection during storms. Check Your Garage Doors Garage doors are notoriously flimsy during high pressure storms. If the wind catches just right, the entire garage door may collapse, allowing air pressure to circulate throughout your home. This may cause significant damage to your home, possibly even causing it to collapse. To secure doors properly, purchase models without windows. There are also special kits available that are designed to provide extra stability to a garage door during tornadoes and hurricanes. These kits are relatively simple to install, and the protection they offer is well worth the investment. Conclusion Tornadoes often strike without warning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be properly prepared. Before the next tornado season, take some precautionary steps to ensure your home’s...

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How To Better Organize Your Garage To Maximize Space

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If you have a lot of personal belongings and a small garage area, you may be struggling to truly get organized. It takes some creative thinking to make full use of the garage space that you have. Luckily, you can improve your organization to get better results. Take a look at the following information to better understand how to get organized and maximize garage space.  Invest in Display Shelves Having the right shelving can greatly improve your organization. You will not only be able to get things off the floor and keep them in a safe place, but you can also display your prized possessions. If you have a collection of some sort or a lot of trophies or awards, you can use display shelves to store them. If you really want to maximize space, consider looking for shelving options that are made for corner areas. This will allow you to use up all valuable space.  Hang Some Belongings Many people neglect to use up their ceiling space in the garage. If you have a tall garage area, this can be especially beneficial. Consider hanging bikes or extra sports equipment. It’s beneficial to invest in high-quality hanging materials so that nothing falls or breaks. You may even want to hire a professional contractor to help with this job so that it’s done right. You can greatly increase floor space by doing this and will get more things out of the way.  Stack as Much as You Can It’s also a good idea to stack up as many belongings as possible. In order to do this safely, invest in high-quality plastic containers and boxes. If your containers aren’t clear, it’s recommended that you carefully label each box so that you’re not searching everywhere for something later. Stacking boxes and containers on one side of the garage will free up space for your car or other needs.  Take Care of Odds and Ends Odds and ends can quickly cause disaster. If you have a lot of screws, nails, tacks, or other small items, get organized! You can come up with creative containers such as mugs, plastic bins, or bags. This can help keep these items off the floor and make it easier to find things when you need to work on your next home project.  With careful planning, you can get your garage area organized so that you have as much space as possible and less...

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Why You Should Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows

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If you need to replace the windows in your home, there are many different styles and materials to choose from. But, do not be overwhelmed by the plethora of options. Instead, you should choose the product that best fits your personal budget, style and daily usage needs. This article will explain why vinyl is one the best products for replacement windows. Vinyl is Easiest to Maintain When it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of your windows, vinyl is definitely the best option. Vinyl is completely waterproof, so you do not need to worry about water damage on the exterior. Furthermore, you can clean it with pretty much any standard household cleaning liquid. This is something you cannot do with wooden or aluminum windows because there is such a high risk of water damage. Also, you need to constantly restain wooden window sashes with sealants to protect them. Vinyl never needs to be stain or sealed with any such chemicals. Instead, you can clean it with your hose or pressure washer to keep it looking new and clean over the years. Vinyl is Durable Vinyl window frames are tough as nails. They are less likely to get chipped, scratched or dented. In fact, this is why most storm windows are made out vinyl. Vinyl is a composite material the feels like plastic, but it is much stronger. It is slightly elastic, so it will not ding easily and it is virtually scratchproof. However, if vinyl does get scratches, they are often invisible. The entire piece of vinyl is stained in the same color. So, when it gets scratched, it does not expose a different color beneath it. Vinyl is Stylish Some people are wary of vinyl windows because of they think the material looks like plastic. However, vinyl is made in a wide range of colors and textures. A lightly textured vinyl finish can add a touch of class and style to your window. You can even get more intense textures that are made to replicate natural materials like stone or wood grain. Most people prefer simpler colors. White seems to be the most popular sash frame color when it comes to residential construction. The great thing about white vinyl windows is that it is so easy to keep them bright and white with basic cleaning. Vinyl is not the only option on the market, but it is certainly one of the most practical and cost effective products for windows. Talk to a contractor like Gulf Coast Builders Inc about your vinyl options for replacement windows...

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How An Air Conditioner Blower Can Cause Cooling Problems In Your Home

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Does your home seem to not cool down as efficiently as it used to? You may need to get the air conditioner blower inspected by a specialist to determine if it is causing the problem. In this article, you will find out how an air conditioner blower can cause cooling problems when it is in bad shape and how to detect signs that a repair is needed. How Can an Air Conditioner Blower Cause Cooling Problems? If you have a damaged air conditioner blower, your home will not be able to cool down to the temperature set on the thermostat. The blower is responsible for releasing air into the ventilation system so it can be cooled down and circulated throughout your home. A damaged blower can lead to a low level of air coming out of the vents and cause the air conditioner to take a long time to cool your home. Air is cooled down by the evaporator coil when it is released into the ventilation system by the blower. The evaporator coil is vital to your air conditioning system because it changes the coolant into a gas that cools down the metal. The cold metal is what allows the air from the blower to cool down. The blower should be inspected and fixed if you suddenly feel an insufficient amount of cool air. How Can Signs be Detected When an Air Conditioner Blower Needs a Repair? If you hold your hand next to the vents and barely feel any air coming air, it is a sign that there may be dirt on the blower motor. Dirt accumulates on an air conditioner blower after some time and can cause it to stall. It is vital to hire a specialist to clean the dirt off before the blower breaks down and need a replacement. One of the other signs you can detect is when you are running the air conditioning system but don’t hear as much noise coming from it as you used to. You may not hear any noise at all if the blower has stopped functioning. You should also feel no air coming out of the ventilation system if you don’t hear noise from the blower. Make sure you are able to cool down at home on a hot day by keeping the air conditioning blower in a good condition. Contact a specialist, one like Smith Air Conditioning Inc, to repair or replace the blower if you detect any problems with it releasing air into your...

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3 Types Of Roofing Nails

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There are many different types of roofing nails from which a homeowner can choose when a project needs to be completed. These nails vary in how long they are and how thick they are, as well as the types of materials with which they work best. There are three main types of nails that can be used. 1. Screw Shank Nail The screw shank nail is a nail that has been specially designed for wooden roofs. The reason why it is perfect for wooden roofs is because it screws into the wood, rather than simply being pounded in. Wooden roof material will tend to crack and splinter if joined together by sheer brute force. The screw shank nail essentially forces an entire section of the wooden shingle to be involved in holding the roof together, increasing its strength and reducing damage resulting from inclement weather. The tip of the screw shank nail is in the shape of a diamond, which helps it go through the roofing material more easily, reducing splintering. 2. Ring Shank Nails A ring shank nail is best for areas that have high winds because it is very strong. It is made out of steel and has a very wide head. This head is able to keep shingles in place even when the wind is attempting to rip them off the roof. These nails need to be used with roofing materials other than wood, however, because they put a lot of stress on the shingle itself. When wood is put under this kind of stress, it will crack and slip from beneath the nail. Other materials, such as asphalt or slate, will be able to handle the stress and not slip off. 3. Smooth Shank Nails Smooth shank nails are the budget roofing nail. They are usually made out of copper and aluminum and are the cheapest type of nail currently available. Homeowners who do not have time to save up money for a high roofing budget can use these to complete jobs quickly. As a result, these nails are best for quick repairs to prevent rain and snow from damaging the house. However, these nails are not as effective as the nails mentioned above and will not be able to attach shingles to the roof as effectively. Contact a local roofing company like A1 Roofing & Siding for more information on what type of nail would be best for your roofing...

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An AC Installation Could Help You Reach Your Ideal Weight

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You are working hard towards your ideal weight. You are exercising, dieting, and generally making wiser decisions to reach your goal. But have you considered installing an air conditioning system in your home? Believe it or not, an air conditioning system may help you in your quest towards a better you.  An AC Can Help You Stay Active You may have noticed that hot weather can make you feel a little tired. This happens because your body is protecting itself from overheating. The body does this by opening up your blood vessels so the blood can reach your skin quickly. The opening of your blood vessels will, in time, lower your overall blood pressure. Oxygen will begin to become a little scarce too. Low blood pressure and oxygen levels are the reason you feel so tired when you are hot.  Installing an air conditioning system should help keep your energy levels high and your body cool. This will allow you to continue your exercise routine successfully. A comfortable temperature to consider while exercising is a temperature of 72 degrees. But an air conditioner will also help you in another way. Create Fat Eating Cells In Your Body With Your AC Another reason to have an air conditioning system installed in your home is you may sleep better. And as you sleep, you will create an army of fat-eating cells in your body. Research has found that sleeping in cooler temperatures can help brown cells produce in your body. Brown cells keep you warm when it is chilly outside. Brown cells are also associated with a better metabolic rate. And, as your nutritionist might say, making sure you install an AC to help produce healthy brown cells should help you reach your goals easier and faster.  To make sure brown cells are produced correctly at night, just sleep at a temperature of 66 degrees. The great thing about sleeping under 66 degrees is that you will also sleep soundly. A separate study found that sleeping in cool temperatures helps increase melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that allows you to get sleepy and helps you avoid getting up in the middle of the night. This could also be helpful in preventing the craving of a midnight snack. As you can see, installing an AC may help with your fitness goals. Be sure to talk to an air conditioning expert about the best choices for your home. Contact a company like JV Systems Air Conditioning And Heating of Tampa Bay Inc for more...

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