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4 Extra Charges to Ask About When Getting a Painting Estimate

When you decide to hire a company that provides interior painting services to paint your home, it is a good idea to get a few estimates. You should get in-home estimates and discuss your preferences as thoroughly as possible so your contractor can give you an accurate estimate. It is also important that you are clear on what your estimate includes. A large discrepancy between estimates can mean that one contractor has included the price of certain extras in their estimate while another has not. Below are four extra services you should ask about. 

Moving Furniture 

Some painters include the cost of moving furniture and covering stationary items in their standard pricing. However, most painters will have an extra fee if they have to move extra-heavy furniture. If you do not plan on moving your furniture out of the rooms being painted, make sure your painter knows so they can include the cost of moving it in their estimate. 

Prepping the Surface

The quality of a paint job depends on the quality of the wall preparation. All walls should be clean and dry before they are painted. Cracks should be repaired, and drywall should be replaced if necessary. Rough patches should be sanded. You should be aware if your painter includes these prep services in their standard quotes or if you will be expected to complete preparations before your painting crew arrives. 

High Ceilings

Most painting contractors charge per square foot. However, if you have tall ceilings, the price per square foot may go up for the taller sections of the room. This is because specialized equipment may be needed, and the labor can be more intensive. If you are getting a quote over the phone or online, make sure you give the room dimensions to your contractor as opposed to simply telling them the square footage that you need painted. 

Painting Crown Molding or Baseboards

Painting intricate features such as crown molding or baseboards takes significantly more time than painting a flat wall. Such a job will involve more taping and more use of a brush instead of rollers. For this reason, these features often increase the overall cost of the project. 

When you are comparing interior painting quotes, it is important to make sure that you are comparing similar services. Good communication and an in-home quote are vital. This way, you will be able to hire a cost-effective team without any unexpected charges at the end of the project.