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Ideas For Adding Luxury To Your Bathroom Remodel

When you decide on a bathroom makeover, you probably have all kinds of ideas of what you want to incorporate. These ideas often comprise adding space and probably storage. Additional light, be it natural or artificial, is probably a concern as well. However, a bathroom remodel should also add value to your home, so you want to make the finished product as luxurious as possible. Design your bathroom makeover with luxury in mind for maximum value.

Add Trim and Molding

Your bathroom looks more luxurious when you add custom details. One way to manage this is by incorporating molding and other trim into your décor. For example, Home and Garden TV describes adding molding to plain doors to give them a more upscale feel. It’s also possible to add beadboard around a mirror or even baseboards all around the bottom of the walls. Such additions give the overall look architectural interest.

Try Monochromatic

A hallmark of luxury is chic décor, and monochromatic palettes are chic. The easiest way to implement this look is by going all white, but that can feel cold. Instead, choose granite for your countertops or backsplash, and let the color tone drive the rest of your palette. For example, if the granite features classic gray marbling, paint the walls a similar shade, and have white tiles grouted in charcoal for your shower stall. Keep any cabinetry within that cool palette.

Install a Walk-in Shower and a Soaking Tub

Naturally, one of the primary purposes for your bathroom is to bathe. If space allows, separate the two bathing spaces by installing both a walk-in shower and a soaking tub. The soaking tub can be located anywhere, including in the center of the floor, but positioning it under a window offers a pleasant bathing retreat. For the shower, consider a seamless glass enclosure to minimize the visual impact.

Delineate Spaces

Another hallmark of luxury is having a specific space for everything. For instance, have contractors construct a toilet room – or two if the bathroom is shared. Likewise, set up a special place for grooming. For example, design a corner with a magnifying mirror and track lighting as a shave or makeup station. If the bathroom is part of an open layout master suite, consider making the closet a transitional space. This allows a walk-in closet to become a dressing room.

No matter what the utilitarian additions are for your bathroom remodel, consider luxurious ideas such as a monochromatic palette and trimwork for a makeover that adds value to your home.

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