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Can’t Get Into Your Commercial Safe And You Think It’s On Purpose? Call an Expert Immediately

Do you own a commercial property and more than one person has access to the safe, but now there is a problem with the safe? If you can’t get the safe open and you wonder if this was done on purpose, you want to get in contact with a professional to get in the safe right away. There are a lot of potential problems that can occur when too many people are allowed to access your space. You’ll want to consider the following options right away to see what is going on.

Call a Locksmith

A locksmith will be able to get into the safe quickly by picking the lock or another method, so you can see what’s inside. The locksmith should also be able to tell if the lock had been tampered with so you couldn’t get it open, or if it was just jammed and damaged because of age. The locksmith is a security professional and can tell you why the safe was vulnerable, or if it was at risk for forced entry because of the design.

Have Video Monitors Installed

Have IP cameras installed around the inside and the outside of the building so you can always monitor what is going on, if you are there or at home or traveling. This way you can look back and see all of the actions that took place around the safe, and what was going on when someone had to get into the safe to store or remove money. IP cameras are great because they can be accessed via smartphone or any Internet access.

Replace the Safe

Have the safe replaced by the locksmith when they are there, and get one of the safest models you can afford. Make sure that you are as particular as possible with choosing who is going to have access to the safe when you aren’t there, so you don’t run into potential problems like this again. The locksmith can link the safe with your business security system.

If you have an odd feeling that it isn’t an accident that you can’t get into the safe, and you think that something malicious could be going on, you want to get inside the safe to see what is going on right away, and to count your money. Call a locksmith like Mike’s Lock & Key and get to the bottom of the problem, and then replace the safe to prevent future problems.