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Safety First: Fall Protection Equipment Is Not Optional

Before embarking on any new construction project, you need to first identify any possible job hazards. Whenever you are dealing with heights of 20, 40 and even 100 feet off the ground, you have to make sure you are as safe as possible. The key is to do whatever it takes to minimize your chances of falling and injuring yourself. The higher the height, the more dangerous the task becomes. To minimize your risk of falling, here are a couple things you need to have when on the job.

Positioning Equipment

First, you need a device that is going to hold you securely in place without having to use your hands to hold onto everything. Hands-free operation allows you to get more done in a shorter amount of time. Make sure that whatever device you choose only allows you to fall two feet at most. Less is better. There are four main components to look for in this equipment: body wear, anchor point, connecting device and fall arrest backup.


A restraint device is used to prevent workers from being able to get too close to an edge or other dangerous fall hazard. By limiting connector length, you can save yourself from possible injuries. Restraints are made up of three key components: connecting device, body wear and anchor point. Connecting devices are typically fixed lengths and the anchor point should be tested for two times the amount of force.

Personal Arrest Systems

In case you were to slip or fall, these arrest systems will help to absorb the energy produced as you fall downward. This applies to any type of fall from four feet or higher. While you might not plan on falling anytime soon, these systems will make sure that you aren’t thrown for a loop as you fall. They minimize shock and allow you to safely fall. They are composed of a connecting device, body wear and anchor point.

By using the above tools, you can minimize your chances of getting injured on the job. Regardless of how far off the ground you might be, you need to make sure you have the right tools in place to succeed. Being injured isn’t exactly something you expect to happen to you. However, you can make sure you don’t sustain worse injuries than you need to. If you aren’t sure of what equipment to purchase, make sure to look to a safety equipment company like Public Works Supply or others for more information.